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At Ro's Garden, we create unique pieces, inspired by our travels to India and our love of comfort and chic combined. We enjoy a little bit of flair and we use prints that we design ourselves, as you will see in our Pre-Spring 2023 collection.


Whether you are about to jet off or staying home this winter, we invite you to browse our dresses, blouses and tunics and find your perfect block-print style.  

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Copy of 14th May12818.jpg
Copy of 15th May15481.jpg
Copy of 13th May11043.jpg
Copy of 13th May8157.jpg
Copy of 13th May7949.jpg
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Ro's Garden 
Designed by Roberta Freymann. 
Like what you see and want to see more?
Visit the Shop button above and pick the collection you'd like to view. 

We offer beautiful block prints and super-soft pima cotton pajamas
inspired by and crafted in India.
Our cotton fabrics are sustainably sourced and our brand is
100% women-owned and run. 
To learn more, follow us

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