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As we say goodbye to October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month,) we'd like to invite you remember to

THINK PINK all year 'round!

  • Check yourself, know your breasts and contact your Dr when something changes.

  • DON'T MISS those annual check-ups and mammograms, early detection can make a huge difference, a life-saving one. 

  • If you are on top of these things, help those around you (like sisters, aunts, friends) stay safe too. 


Now, to celebrate how much we want YOU to take care of YOURSELF and to help you remember this message all year long, we'd like to invite you shop the​ Think Pink collection

and buy one, get one free, using code: THINKPINK at checkout.

That's right. Buy one item shown here and get another of equal or lesser value free. 

Then wear those PJs with pride and think of them as a friendly reminder....  

Offer valid on all items shown here, through Nov. 1st. 
Blue striped Allison and Annie are included as well as Asa and Audrey colorways in blue/green. 
All Sales are Final 
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